Looking Back In Anger

October 20, 2008

I am a freelance advocate of abortion rights who is on duty 24/7. My office is a bench in a shopping mall where I am on the alert for any woman who shows signs of pregnancy. Once my target is spotted I pose as person taking a health survey offering 50 bucks for only ten questions answered. Rarely is my generous offer refused. Within a few questions I am able to know how many months they are pregnant and how they feel about developing a fetus. Most of the women I interview say that their pregnancy is accidental and they are not fit psychologically or financially to raise a child. After a short conversation I come to the rescue by offering to pay the cost of an abortion plus a bonus of five hundred bucks. Fortunately most of those cursed women enter my favorite clinic to be given a new lease on life.

I knew how it felt to grow up  being unwanted. My mother abandoned me after birth and I spent my early life in an orphanage. My keepers said that my mother could not raise me. Many years later I met her and asked why she sent me to an orphanage. Her response was that she was not ready to have a child. I asked why she didn’t abort me. She said that it was illegal, and besides she couldn`t  afford the black market price. I felt like spitting in her face but turned around and left, never to see her again. I wish loonies that prevent a poor woman from having an abortion were forced to pay child support and charged with contributing to child abuse. The scars of being physically and psychologically abused in my early years remain with me. That is why I have become a freelance advocate of abortion rights.


Youth And Vigour Will Make Us Bigger

October 11, 2008

The 2008 presidential is all but over. Obama will be the winner over an opponent that found it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. McCain bit off more than he could chew by opposing a much younger and more talented contender. The American public is soon going to get a rare treat as they watch a relatively unknown personality take the job as leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. The economy in shambles and his task will be huge. But with his youthful vigour we will be watching a new and creative approach for getting our nation back on course. With the election of the most liberal senator in Congress we can expect positive changes in the way Americans view one another. An organization called Unity House will soon be lobbying for the job of bringing the nation under one roof. Once approved and funded by Congress one million educators will spread out with the task of unifying the nation under the flag of unity. This will be done by the knocking on every door by groups of socially diversified educators. They will be spreading the word that we are all brothers and sisters that must learn to love one another. There will be those that will be angry as he dismantles a cold war system that is costing the taxpayers over a trillion dollars each year, but he will succeed. Our nation will then see millions of new jobs created as our intra–structure and education system is rebuilt to meet the needs of the 21 century. Obama has not been harnessed by greedy insiders and will be free to pursue his childhood dream of making the world and the nation a better place to live in.

I Am Almost Broke

October 10, 2008

Television viewers have their mind on sex. It has become a question of the better bed partner—Obama or McCain? Its not what you say but the way that you say it—youth always says it better. Obama will slip and slide into the #1 bedroom. Call it a landslide if you want to be discreet.

The government is now giving away the treasury to banks in the hope that they will have more to lend the borrower. That is a great way to stimulate the economy as long as the banks make all of the potential borrowers eligible for a big fat loan. The only problem is that the banks will go bust again when most of the big fat loans are not repaid. But the problem will be solved when Uncle Sam comes to the rescue and bails out the banks for a second time. There must have been an economic genuis that devised this theory to keep us all happy. It is deserving of a Nobel Prize.



I have lost everything including my live in girlfriend. My portfolio was worth over three million dollars only four years ago—now it is worthless. My creditors have been hounding me day and night and I had to disconnect my phone service in order to get some sleep. All I am left with is savings of less than 75 hundred dollars. I blame my stock broker for advising me to invest all my hard earned money in the auto industry and even my car needs a new transmission. Instead of me weeping I have started over again by mopping floors in the local fast food restaurant. We all learn from experience and what I learned is to keep my money under the mattress.




Five Good Strangers Will Soon Be Knocking

October 3, 2008

Good news is on the horizon. With the election of the most liberal senator in Congress we can expect positive changes to the way Americans view one another. An organization called Unity House will soon be lobbying for the job of bringing the nation under one roof. Once approved and funded by Congress one million educators will spread out over the nation with the task of promoting tolerance for diverse lifestyles. This will be done by the knocking on every door by groups of socially diversified educators. They will be spreading the word that we are all brothers and sisters that must learn to love one another. Each group will be made up of five educators. They will come from racially mixed and diverse backgrounds with a variety of mindsets with no lifestyle excluded. Another task this group will have is to find out if there is enough room available to accommodate a homeless person. If there is—free transportation with a food and clothing allowance will add another member to the family. Our nation has gone through years of civil unrest but it has finally coming to an end by having Americans tolerating, sharing and living together under one roof.

Bail Out The Homeless

October 2, 2008

The best way that we can get our economy quickly moving again is not by bailing out the big bad banks with 750 billion dollars but by giving that money to the homeless. It is estimated that there are three million homeless people in the United States that are costing the government billions each year to feed and shelter them. A grant of 250 thousand dollars to each person that can prove that they have been homeless for over a year would cost less money that we are ready to waste on bailing out the banks. The results would produce the greatest spending spree in American history and jump start our economy. An added benefit would be that many of the homeless would purchase homes that have been foreclosed and bring added life to the housing market. Some Americans would be envious of the new found wealth of our most unfortunate citizens, but instead they should welcome their large contribution to our economy.

Hail To The Next Chief

October 1, 2008

The 2008 presidential election is over except for the official results. Obama will win by a landslide. Every national poll in the nation has Obama leading by over 5 Points and gaining. In the next few weeks McCain should quietly go out with as much dignity as possible The wisest thing the Republican Party can now do is to get prepared for 2012. McCain tried his best but that was not good enough for a nation that needed real change not tired rhetoric. Nations are waiting impatiently for the day when the new president takes the throne. When that happens we will witness the loudest demonstration of approval all through the world. His powerful mind and earthly experience will lead the way to a more peaceful life for all of us.

Grab For The Power And Glory

September 30, 2008

There is a new beginning on the horizon. the big bad boys are now out of the banking business and three large American banks will become leaders in the recovery without any need for a government bailout. They are the bank Of America, J.P. Morgan and Citi Bank. But the big bad Wolves are still not dead. They have some friends in congress that are still trying to give them 700 billion dollars so they can get back in the game of fleecing the American public. The latest trick is a con job to make people believe that there is a new bailout bill being written. But it is the same swindle with the paragraphs put in different places and the words more deceiving. It is now up to the American public to let their Congressmen know that they want the new bailout proposal rejected.

How can McCain describe himself as a Maverick and a Fiscal conservative after supporting the bailout swindle?? He no longer can be seen as an expert in economics but only as a team player with the government–banking complex. It is now almost impossible for him to attract voters who believe in the free market system and responsible government. The only way that he can be elected is by constantly talking about national security and the Iranian threat in the Middle–East. If he can get enough Americans frightened they will look to him as an experienced warrior who can defeat the foe. But his call to arms might not be loud enough to make him our next president.


Poor Tax Payers Are Bailing Out Poor Banks

September 22, 2008

The bailout of the banking system is a complete disrespect to the middle American taxpayer. Now the money needed for supporting the poor will no longer be available unless there is a large increase in taxes. It will soon happen when the bailout is finalized.

Banks bet the the housing boom would continue indefinitely. They were caught by surprise when the value of millions of homes collapsed. Banks lost over a trillion dollars in home values. This caused a credit crunch and banks no longer were able to finance loans.

Instead of the government handing out a trillion dollars to unlucky banks they should find a better use for it like helping keep the tax rates from rising. But powerful banking interests are getting their bad investments returned and the tax payer has to helplessly looks on.


Winning The Space For Self Fulfillment

September 20, 2008

It was a wonderful feeling when I came to the realization that I didn’t need the company of others.and preferred solitude. Now I was truly able to look out for number one and set aside my concern for others. Wanting to be alone does not mean that you have retreated into a private world only that you have given up distractions and think only of your own needs .I sit here gloating at as rest of the world indulges in their power plays while losing at the game.

I am an unique type of a hermit because I am not on a quest to find greater understanding. I never look for answers or bother to think things over. There is no need to search for a new direction because there is nowhere to go. My needs are satisfied within the confines of my own space. There have been women who attempted to break my will and invade my privacy by trying to entice me with sexual favours. One woman stripped naked before my eyes and seductively wiggled and danced in order to have me join her. But I knew that once I yielded to sexual temptation I would lose my hard won concentration and become a spiritually broken old man. She was sent home frustrated never to return.

My first spiritual awakening and enlightenment started when I awoke after a terrible nightmare and began to question the quality of my life. I came to the conclusion that I would be better off resting in peace in a quiet cemetery. But I also sensed that there was another and better reality, soon afterward I started to search for it. My search was basically a private quest because nobody but myself could supply the answers. Months latter progress was finally made after I stripped away all diversions and designed my living quarters to only meet my personal needs. Occasionally when I hear some curious neighbours knocking at the door asking to join me I tell them to bring their own food and paper plates. Nosey visitors are reminded to leave after a few hours because my concentration is distracted by their senseless jabbering and questions.

I occasionally meditate on the Tarot Cards for furthering my spiritual awareness. One card is a favourite because it reminds me of myself— that card is the Four Of Cups. It is a picture of a man sitting under a tree who is unaware of a cup being offered to him. He misses the gift because he is absorbed in his own space. I also am absorbed in my own space and find it to be a better gift than anything that can possibly be offered to me by others.


Government Bailouts Are Needed

September 19, 2008

I recently bought two houses for cash.The total cost was six hundred thousand dollars. It was a great investment because the housing market was booming and I expected the value of my property to double in five years. I mortgaged them both to low income families with poor credit histories at the highest interest rates that were legally possible. Soon afterwards I sold my small home delivery business. Now all I had to do was sit back, relax and watch my bank account grow.

Bad luck destroyed the wisdom of my investments. The housing boom suddenly came to an end and the value of my houses were cut in half. On top of that the families that had the mortgages lost their jobs and deserted the property. Now I was stuck with two houses and a loss of over three hundred thousand dollars. With no income I was ready to commit suicide. But I heard that the government would bail me out by buying my houses for their original high cost—It would be a life saver for me.

The new proposal in front of congress would have the government buy those houses that have lost their former resale values. Happy property owners would be returned their money because of the high prices they paid in the housing market boom. The government would then take ownership until a new housing boom arrives. When housing prices return to their former value the government would sell the houses at an auction. It is a great idea and also a big gamble for them. Lets hope it works.


Nobody Loves A Money Lender

September 19, 2008

My first job after finishing college was working at a small bank interviewing applicants for mortgage loans. My clients were referred to me by large banks that found their credit rating unacceptable. The job was easy and as long as the applicant had some means of making the payments they were accepted. All of my customers were trying to better themselves by having the financial security of becoming a homeowner. Many times I overlooked obvious false statements on the application in order to approve the loan. It made me happy to give somebody the opportunity to own a home. The high rate of interest I charged along with the small down payment was a smart business deal for my boss and was helping him get rich. My pay was good enough to buy a new Caddy Seville and the best of everything.. But After seeing so many of my clients having their homes foreclosed I began to feel guilty and could not sleep at night. I handed in my resignation and told my boss the reason why I was leaving. He said that I was wrong to feel guilty and explained to me why my job was ethical. I will repeat what he said:

“There must be lenders available that make loans to high-risk borrowers and therefore have to have high rates and fees. A mortgage seeker who is turned away from a bank because of poor credit history has to be given a chance to become a homeowner. There is nothing wrong with the lender that gives a borrower that opportunity by offering a higher interest rate. The transaction is of a voluntary nature and. the borrowers make the choice. If one has a poor credit history, then the choices are limited and there is no place to get a loan except with a high interest lender. Is that the fault of the lender? Did someone drag or drug the borrower and force them to accept the loan?”.

I did not agree with my boss and quit, soon I was hired at a national bank as a loan officer. But my guilt followed me to the new job because many of the applicants for a mortgage were low income people with a bad credit history, and were not acceptable for a loan. I felt bad when the manager turned them down. Some said the bank was guilty of redlining or racial discrimination, but the bank refused to change its policy. It was then time to look for new work because I decided that the job as a loan officer was not for me. The next job I took was as an accountant in the garment centre, five years later I applied for a low interest mortgage loan and became a homeowner. But I will always remember those that were not as fortunate.


Tarot Cards And The Devil

September 15, 2008

The Tarot Devil card depicts a horned monster that is half human with the face of a goat.  His legs are spread apart as he confidently sits on a dark coloured throne. Two women slaves with chains around their necks are at his feet. He is the Devil and his mind is full of the filthiest of thoughts and desires. The Devil is blamed for being the foundation of all that is wrong in this world. His ugliness runs deep and he proudly accepts the throne as the ultimate personification of evil. He never sleeps because the Lord in heaven as a punishment for his arrogance stitched up both eyelids so they will remain open for an eternity. This keeps the Devil working night and day without any sleep. What makes the Devil extremely dangerous is that he has the power to creep into every mind and fill it with the basest of desires.  If we meditate long enough on the card we can spiritually contact this evil spirit. The experience can be therapeutic and make a person change for the better. Others accept this disgusting and vulgar spirit and go on with their evil lives.


The Devil always gets the blame for all that is evil in the world, because it is easier for us to blame somebody or something other than ourselves. Common sense and experience tells us that we are responsible for our own behaviour good or bad. But many of us refuse to accept the guilt of having to own up to their own actions. We have often heard the excuse that “The devil made me do it”. Madmen who have committed horrible crimes have blamed the Devil before angry judges, but it only resulted in a quick ticket to a loony bin. The trick of the Devil is to make us explore the forbidden pleasures of the world without having to accept the guilt of our actions. But in his infinite wisdom the Lord has given us free will and with it responsibility. The  Devil Tarot card is magically designed to help us choose between the Lord and the Devil or heaven and hell.



We all must experience the material world and indulge in life’s physical pleasures before we can rise to a higher level. The Devil Tarot card helps enlighten us to the evil, corruption and limitations of our being. Upon well focused meditation it ultimately leads to a spiritual awakening and helps people take responsibility for their actions. This Tarot card is really a wonderful magical mirror that enlightens us to the fact that evil comes not from the Devil but from within ourselves..





Never Rush The Cook

September 12, 2008

When dinner is ready, hungry children never have to be rounded up to come to the dinner table, a simple sound of the bell is enough. If the dinner is still in the stove and uncooked, never tell the children that they should be eating right at this moment, because it will only increase their hunger and frustrate them.  Some job seekers are guilty of destroying a hungry childs patience, they know the child will soon be banging on the kitchen door demanding to eat at once. The cook will then be forced to turn up the stove and the food will get burned. Everybody will miss a good dinner and the cook will be fired.  Blame it all on the instigator who provoked the hungry children in order to become the new chef. Patience is a virtue and when the food is ready everybody will be served.


In 1948 almost every person I knew was almost broke. Only one guy in my neighbourhood had an automobile—people looked at him with awe and wished that some day they would also be able to own one. There were no rabble rousers that blamed it on Capitalism or the federal government. Nobody said that we would get a chance to better our lives if there were a socialistic system. We did the best we could to survive working at the low paying jobs that were available in the garment-centre of New York City. We waited patiently for the economy to improve in hopes of finding better paying work. Our prayers were soon answered. Because of the ingenuity and tax free investments of creative businessmen things began to change. Factories and offices opened and the economy boomed—there were soon great jobs available for every American across the nation. Hallelujah!!.


Career minded politicians that demand that the government put unearned money into the pockets of the poor by generous freebies are doing a great disservice to the country. Also politicians that promise to provide millions of unneeded federal jobs if elected will wreck our economy.  Those handouts will unfairly tax the only ones that in the long term can help American workers. Those saviours are the people that invest their money in American businesses. The unemployed and underpaid must pray like I once did that the ingenuity of the American businessman will come to their rescue. They have done it before and will do it again if only given the chance.


I know many of us children are hungry and have lost their patience with the cook. But we must not listen to those that tell us to bang on the kitchen door for faster service. Because if we do we will force the cook to turn up the flame and burn our food. Patience is a virtue and if practiced will give more people a chance to share the great American dream and a good dinner.



March 6, 2010

The rarest species is a politician who has no bagman. Watch any public official long enough and you will see the bagman making his delivery. There is no better reason to seek public office than having the opportunity to gather hundreds or many time millions in tax free cash. It would be accurate to imagine over a trillion dollars annually being transported by bagmen in the US alone. Very rarely is this method of corruption uncovered. The bagman just transports the cash and never has any knowledge of the deal.

Lonely Old Ladies Need Homeless Young Guys

December 30, 2009

If you are an elderly lady that lives alone and horny, there is hope for you. Find yourself a young guy that is homeless, he will be happy to live with you. Some will also clean the toilet and do the food shopping.

You are in luck, there is a housing shortage and there are many homeless men available. Someone who is homeless and can’t afford an apartment will give you all the sex you need in exchange for rent. It is a terrible feeling to be homeless and what makes it even worse is that most have no hope of finding a place to live. Jobs that pay a decent wage are hard to find, and the homeless are forced to live in a horrible shelter or on the sidewalk. Sexual favors are all most homeless guys have to offer, and they will gladly make love to you in order to get off the streets. Elderly ladies that live alone are usually lonely and do not know how to connect with a young guy. But there are thousands of young homeless men who will gladly provide a lady with hot love in exchange for the opportunity to live rent free.

The first thing to do if you are a woman looking for a homeless guy is to go to the public park; many of  the homeless are there. You surely will find one that interests you. Walk up and kiss him on the lips, that is always a good start. But remember to tell him that you are sex starved., you will be delighted to hear how many will be happy to please you. That young guy that you kissed in the park can turn your lonely life into a happy one.

Most elderly ladies that live alone are sex starved, but many fear to take in a homeless guy, they feel that the homeless stranger might abuse their kindness. It is possible that a guy will bite the hand that feeds him, but that is the exception. As long as your lover does not kill the goose that lay the golden egg, it will be a wise and satisfying choice.